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   Ms. Alejandra Chiu

Public Welfare on Jan.06,2018

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On Jan.06,2018 , we revisited Peihsin hospital near our company.

Because they not have too much entertainment in normal day, we held the fun festival to companion with them,

there are different booths with different food.


   . Chinese pizza – Our friends dream for Betty’s mom pizza for a long time, so they would rather line up 

                                    to get a delicious piece.

    . Chicken – The wild chicken is offered by Sandy, it’s so juicy and tasty. You have to pass the Jenga for eating it.

   . Braised snacks – Once you win the body rock-paper-scissors game, you got the chance to eat

                                      the braised snacks, there are dumpling ball, mushroom, radish, blood rice, 

                                      bean curd, kelp, those were cooked by Alejandra by 3 hours.

   . BBQ Sausage – We prepared 40 pcs sausage to meet the demand, everyone needed to throw the

                                     dice for winning the banker. Our colleague Bruce is our good banker, but when he 

                                     as the player, he played 4 rounds for eating a sausage.

    . Radish soup – Besides the radish, there are also many enticing fish balls inside. For enjoying 

                                  the soup, you need to say a compliment to someone.

    . Sushi – When you do a ghost face, you got a chance to eat a yummy sushi.

    . Lotus seeds dessert – After ate a lot of foods, it must taste a sweet dessert.

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