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Keep you warm to strengthen immune System

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-14      Origin: Site

From 2020, we are under the outbreak of COVID-19, which has various levels of influence on our life.

Schools, stores and offices are closed.

We should work from home and distance learning.

Our lifestyle becomes totally different, wear mask everywhere, sanitization, keeping the safe distance, home quarantine, closing the border...


Nowadays, it is a trend to coexist with the virus.

But we still need to protect ourselves by washing hands, strengthen our immunity.

Dr. Ishihara pointed out that when the body temperature rises by one degree, the immunity can temporarily increase by more than five times.

There are some ways to increase our body temperature.

  1. Doing exercise

  2. Enough sleeping

  3. Taking a bath

  4. Drinking hot water

The ways above are easy to do.

Stay healthy!


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