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  • Q Can I put my vacuum bottle and mug into the boiling hot water for sterilizing ?

    A Do not put your vacuum bottle/mug in the boiling hot water !
    It will cause your bottle/mug with the situation of deformation, water leakage or paint peeling off.
  • Q Why should you choose ceramic coating inside?

    A 1. Enjoy the flavor - no metallic and bitter taste
    2. Ceramic coating prevent Staining
    3. Unbreakable - stainless steel mug with ceramic inner coating is more durable than pure ceramic mug and is convenient to bring it to anywhere
  • Q What is the difference between S/S 18/10 & 18/8?


    The difference between S/S 18/10 & 18/8 is on the proportion of “ Nickel “ element.

    The proportion of Nickel is more, it will be better to defend the corrosion.


        . 18/10 : 18% of Chromium + 10% Nickel

        . 18/8   : 18% of Chromium + 8 % Nickel

  • Q How do I know your products meet international food grade standards?

    A Our products could pass EU and FDA.
    Also we can provide the SGS testing report to make sure
    that we used the stainless steel, plastic and silicon ring are
    safe and meet international food grade standards.
    You could check and find more details in "SGS" headline.

  • Q Can I put hot liquid in the stainless steel single wall bottle and mug ?

    A We strongly recommend to avoid putting the hot liquid into the single
    wall bottle and mug. Because the single wall is not vacuum structure.
    You might get hurt when you take the bottle with hot liquid.
    The vacuum mug and flask are more suitable for hot drink.
  • Q What is BPA and is it safe ?

    A BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that is commonly used in a variety of non-food applications: medical, paints, inks, thermal paper, electronic equipment, etc. BPA is also used to make epoxy resins, which is spread on the inner lining of canned food containers to keep the metal from corroding and breaking.
    People became worried about BPA safety because of animal studies that showed a link between high levels of the chemical and infertility, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • Q Is my bottle/mug BPA-free ?

    A Yes, our all products are made of food-grade stainless steel and plastic, does not contain BPA.
  • Q How to use my new bottle and mug?

    A . Wash your new vacuum mug out with warm water before use.
    . Hot liquid will stay hotter if you warm the mug with hot water before use.
    . Cold liquid will stay cooler & longer if you add ice cubes before use.
    . When filling the mug, leave a gap of approximately 1 cm between the liquid and stopper for better insulation effect.
  • Q How to clean the spot or water stains?

    A You may find the spots or water stains inside of bottle/mug caused by impurities in the water. To remove these spots or stains, frequently fill the bottle/mug with hot water and 10% vinegar and let stay for 30 minutes~1 hour and then wash thorough the interior. 
  • Q Why my bottle has the rattle ?

    A There is a small metal disk placed between the double wall of your bottle for completing the vacuum insulation process.
    Sometimes the disk will fall off and create a small noise. But, don’t worry, it will not affect the performance of insulation or structure of your bottle.
  • Q Do I need to clean the gasket ?

    A Yes, periodically take apart and clean the top gasket of cap to ensure that no the mildew is present,
    just be sure to put back the same position to prevent the leak.
  • Q Can I freeze my vacuum bottle and mug?

    A Do not put your vacuum bottle/mug in the freezer!
    Because liquids will expand during the freezing process
    and damage your bottle/mug even if it only is filled with the half
    liquids or leave the cap off. Filling the bottle/mug with ice cubes
    you need instead and let it slowly melt to become the ice cold water.

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